About Strub


Our traditional family-owned company Strub + Co. AG in the heart of Switzerland is an Independent manufacturer of lubricants and technical cleaning agents. We have some 150 employees working in our business worldwide. Having branch offices and representatives in over 60 countries guarantees close proximity to our clients and the abiltiy to react promptly to their specific needs.


Since 1921, the name Strub has stood for quality, ecology and innovation in all areas of tribology. The basis of our success has been the principle of making use of our 90 years of tradition and experience in implementing innovative ideas. We aim to achieve high Performance, reliability and environmentally-friendly solutions for our clients worldwide.  



  • We offer tailor made solutions to solve your specific challenge.

  • We are your close system supplier in the lubrication industry. For all applications which have to be lubricated, we have a solution in our product range.

  • We offer a comprehensive customer support before and after the sale. We accompany you within the whole customer life cycle.

  • We satisfy with quality, reliability, flexibility and speed to the market.