Company Mission

We want to solve the challenges of our clients with quality, ecology and innovative products.


We build on innovation and specialization 

Quality of our service and our products is important to us and a big asset. Priority is innovation and development of our product range, to be a leading player in the market. Tailor made products is are a speciality.


We are looking for a dialog with our clients and suppliers   

Partnership with our clients and our suppliers is a credo. With confidence and respect we are looking to work together on optimized solutions. 


We promote responsibility and self-reliance of our employees  

We foster motivated employees which are looking for challenges in the market. We life direct communication, self responsibiltiy, engagement and the will to move things. Thanks to continous education and exchange is our know how on the highest level.  


We commit for a sutainable use of raw materials

To protect the enviroment we are looking in all departements for an enviromental friendly and sustainable behaviour.


We live our tradition of a family ownde company

"Tradition souldn't be the enemy of innovation." - The basis of our success is based on the following principles: Use of the knowledge of the past 90 years, Identification with the brand STRUB and experience to create innovative ideas. Our goal as family owned company is a sustainble and healty growth.