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December 8th 2015

The Metalworking Industry is in a change. Points like human - and environmental compatibility are in focus and became the same level of importance as a high Cost/Benefit ratio. In addition to that also the laws (GHS, CLP) have dramatically changed and caused a rethinking of producers and users.

That is why the research and development team of STRUB is constantly working on new products which are tested in the field and finally launched in the market. For more information please contact your Sales Manager.



October 30th 2015

Strub presents new Strubi Cleaning Agent Serie. Sales start in 2016.

October 8th 2015

2lt Window Shield Cleaner Bag in fresh Strubi design available.

August 30th 2015

New Leaflet for Spray is now online

Strub presents Sprays in a new design.

June 9th 2015

Innovaton Conference Metalworking especially for medical technology

Strub presented its Biobalanced Metalworking Fluid Technology in front of a professional group at the innovation conference. The technology exceeds the highest requirements in den medical industry for titanium and stainless steel.



May 11th 2015

Changes in the labelling and effects to the user of lubricants

Effective 1st June 2015, the European Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 will become obligatory as the new directive for the handling of hazardous substances.


March 3rd 2015

Siemens approval for STRUB Turbine Oil

STRUB STE succeeds the demanding requirements of Siemens TLV 901304 and TLV 901305 as first Swiss lubricant company. Accordingly the STRUB Turbine Oil is officially listed from Siemens.


January 29th 2015

Fair in Bangalore India

Strub India Pvt. Ltd. has taken part at the Fair for Metalworking IMTEX in BangaloreIndia (22.1.-29.1.).

January 22nd 2015

STRUB presenting new Corporate Movie.

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