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24th of November 2016

In the next pages we would like to inform you about developments of the secondhalf year of STRUB.

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15th of November 2016

Processing as an alternative to disposal An environmentally-friendly and

energy-saving distillation process for water-based metalworking fluids

Flyer Wave 205

31st of October 2016

Strub is nominated for the Innovation Prodex Award 2016. 3 years ago for the first steps, there was the development called Wave 205 with the Swiss University of Technology NTB in Buchs SG together with the company ADLOS AG. The aim of the companies was to develop in an interdisciplinary, innovative partnership for medium and smaller clientele to develop a new emulsion distillation apparatus.

Prodex Award 2016/SMM

26th of September 2016

The Strub Team congratulates Patrick Räbmatter for the extraordinary results at the national swing competition.

21st of July 2016

In the next pages we would like to inform you about developments of the first half year of STRUB.

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14th of june 2016

Conclusion of the contract between Chinese Distributor and Strub + Co. AG in China. in the coming month Strub Motor Oils will be available in every major city in West of China.

16th of may 2016

Opening of new office in India, Pune.

After almost three years Strub has moved his Office to a more central location in Pune. Today the full staff and all the distributors across India have celebrated this event together.

19th of april 2016

Strub launches new Strubi Cleaning Set "All-in-one",
with the following products:
- Strubi Sanitary Cleaner and scale remover
- Strubi Glas Clean
- Strubi Universal Cleaner
- Strubi WC-Gel
- Strubi Softening agent for all kind of water systems

4th of april 2016
STRUB BioFuel 2T and 4T receives Kwf certificate
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30th of march 2016

Restructuring of Strub’s Business in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus

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15th of february 2016

STRUB has won three Metalworking Fluids Central Systems in the last two month around the world. More information

1st of January 2016

STRUB Team wishes you a succesful and healthy 2016!

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